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PostSubject: [EU]Player(Mid/Carry) Looking for team 

What I'm looking for:

- Mid/high skilled team
- People playing on European Server
- No flamers/spammers/Etc..

General Information about me:

My name: Gustav (Vanashy)
Age: 17 years old
Former Teams : No team, I only played mixed CM and Standin in some league
Have been playing since: 2007 ; Beta since: March 2012
Microphone: yes
Languages: English

About myself:

- How many hours I spend each day/week? 20+ hours a week, Depends if i have plans or not
- When I can play : (GMT 2:00+) 15:30-23:00 Depends on how much sleep i get
- What roles I prefer like: Mid laner/Hard carry
- My fav. heroes: Puck/Invoker/SF/Gyrocopter/Rubick
- What I hope to find in my team. Decent plays
- Specialty : Predicting enemy movement/Teamworker/Juker/Fast reflex and able cook 30 Minute rice in 27 minute
Anything else you want to know ask me here

Contact: Skype:
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[EU]Player(Mid/Carry) Looking for team

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