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PostSubject: EU Player Looking for team 

Nickname : 5Syndicate-^^
Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Syndc_11997
Age: 15
Country : UAE (believe me I never lag Very Happy)
Dota 2 Experience: High played for 2 years ^_^
Role: Hard Carry/ Semi - Support/ Initiator
Gameplay Skills : 9 1/2
Skype: upgradesteamz

Extra Notes:
I usually play 3 - 5 hours a day mostly weekend and sometimes on weekdays, my 3 favorite heroes are : Spectre, Slark , Enigma ^_^.
I could play in every region but I prefer EU West or East doesn't really matter, but not Russia if you asked me why I just don't wanna play there :/.
I'm a very competitive player looking for a team/clan that needs a Hard Carry or Semi - Support role (I can be an Initiator tho). Ready for any initiation test to join.

Peace out!
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EU Player Looking for team

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