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PostSubject: [eu] clan search [mid+] [support player] 

Looking for clan, you must be highly active atleast a few hours a day.

I can play from GMT+1 16.00 to 24.00.

I am mid+ player from norway, I speak english and most scandinavian languages, and I can gibber some in german.

Ive been playing dota2 since 2012 january, in the beta. I have pretty good efficiency on most heroes in support pool, a few I dont feel comfortable with but still a good player.

I can also jungle if needed, and or tank support.

Im in mid+ skill, and prefer clans that know how to play with eachother so I can fit in fast, as Im an able learner for your style.

contact me on steam (mopompel)


contact me on teamspeak ( )


skype ( gukk78 )
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[eu] clan search [mid+] [support player]

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