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PostSubject: US East recruiting roles 2,3,4 mid level team 

Looking for roles 2,3,4 for mid level TMM, scrims, in housing, and maybe eventually some entry level tournaments

Working headset
Not a rager, receive and give constructive criticism
Decent at the game

We usually play between the hours of 5pm-1am EST, but we're often on outside these hours too

Add [KS]Kevin Sorbo on steam and we'll play a few games with you
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PostSubject: Re: US East recruiting roles 2,3,4 mid level team 

Hi, I would like to try out for your team, my steam link is http://steamcommunity.com/id/FEEDFIRSTWINLATER/games I will try and add you
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US East recruiting roles 2,3,4 mid level team

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