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PostSubject: 2 dota2 players looking for clan, or creating one. 

Aight, So here's the deal me and my freind started this Team, we had a 5stack played a few games here and a few games here, won some, lost some, but one thing led to another so now we're only 2, as in there are 3 more spots empty for people wanting to play Team matchmaking and see where things lead.

So if you wana Join In i suggest you throw me an Invite http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197996649906 so we can chat!
ID: pontiacg
Basic Knowledge of Dota
Willing to take criticism
Playing on europe servers!
Knowledge of English or swedish

At this moment we havent pinned down any real role, so everything is welcome

Och föresten underlättar det om du är svensk, but if you're not swedish, aslong as you can speak english its fine.
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2 dota2 players looking for clan, or creating one.

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