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PostSubject: USA Based Team for Competition Recruiting 

The last competitive team I was in recently split up due to life of team mates taking over. I am looking to create a new squad of five highskilled players. The team I put together will understand the current pro game meta, but will look to throw of teams by character selections in CM and reverse CM that counter, diable, or may not be selected often, to throw a wrench in the selection and comfortability of the opponent.
The name of the team is CrimsonAngel Gaming, tag [CAG]

I play the roll of the 2/3 slots very well and understand the meta very well.

We currently need 1 highlyskilled support player to finish out the roster. We are likely letting one of our guys go for communication problems. Hit me up ASAP, would like to start practicing this week.

Please be US based. (pro gamer experience is a big plus)
Please have a solid understanding of trilaning and character meta
Please have a schedule that is relatively open for practice and tournament play.
Please be reliable and on time.
Please have a sense of humor, and have the ability to handle wins and losses equally. (Especially during the begining phases of team creation and practices)

Bad attitudes, overt pushiness and takeover mentality will not be tolerated. Please come with humor, and optomism.

If you fit these requirements hit me up on my Steam ID, [CAG] Silynse

It is important to realize that this team is in its infant stages but will grow quickly as I have done this before. It will take a little effort, practice and patience, but if we find the right group of individuals it will pay off with some really great times and possible sponsorships in the future.
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USA Based Team for Competition Recruiting

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