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PostSubject: Hello Everyone 

Name: Dante
Tag: VW or Virtual Warfare
Purpose#1: Research for Dota Story about Professional Gamers
Purpose#2: Dota 2 =)
Location: US all you need to know
Hobbies: Writing, Playing Dota, Playing Starcraft
Things I want for Christmas: Devil May Cry 5, Terror Blade
Favorite Food: Chicken and Not pizza =p
Religious Views: Who cares
Favorite Color: All colors but if I had to pick Orange and Green
Fetishes: -.-
Favorite Anime: Bleach
Favorite DC Character: Batman and Flash
Favorite Marvel Character: Nightcrawler and Wolverine
Favorite DBZ Character: Gohan and Trunks
Favorite Song: Final Episode by Asking Alexandria
Favorite Starcraft Race: Who cares
Clans (Teams) I've Been in: Starcraft's EKT and another one I started forgot name though
Favorite Characters in Dota: Drow Dazzle Windrunner and Storm
When did I start playing Dota: Back in 2005 - 2006 back when desolator was viable on troll warlord.
Whats new in Dota that I dislike: Last hitting and denying
Whats new in Dota that I like: Pulling (haven't tried stacking yet)
Will I be displaying sample stories/Scenes? Until I finish my story about professional gaming?: Not sure but if I do, it will be after classes ends.
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Hello Everyone Empty
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That was pretty informative! Welcome ^^
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Hello Everyone

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