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PostSubject: [KOR/SEA] Looking to form/join team 


Been playing dota for around 10 years and looking to start building a team. I’m currently living in Seoul, Korea; therefore I play on SEA/USW/China servers. I play on weeknights starting at around 6-7 KST. I speak English and a very little amount of Korean.

I’m looking for players to form a team and improve through scrims/team mm and hopefully some tournaments. I can play any role, but mainly play support (4 or 5). Looking for people who won’t rage after a few losses and want to improve as a team.

If you’re interested add me on steam (KriGer 소원 (LookingForTeam)) or pm on here.

-Tom (DB:


Also would be interested in joining a team if someone is in need players
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PostSubject: Re: [KOR/SEA] Looking to form/join team 

added you bro... wanna have a talk with you...looking for a decent support player
navigate to this link if you wanna know more>>
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[KOR/SEA] Looking to form/join team

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