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PostSubject: Mid player looking team 

hi guys,i wanna join some team because i got bored playing solo.I'm from Serbia,i m 19 years old and i got experience in playing dota 1..i play for 6 years.i play cm mode alot

My steam

My most played heroes: Nevermore,Invoker,Rubick,Batrider

i can play few hours every day ..i can't realy speak english but i understand everything

in dota 2 lvl 39,more than 50% wins
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PostSubject: Re: Mid player looking team 

Cao brate,ja imam tim i fali mi offlane igrac, ja imam17 god,dodao sam te pa ako si zainteresovan mozemo da isprobamo Smile
Moj steam ID:D00M3D(sisata plavusa je na slici)
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Mid player looking team

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