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PostSubject: Starting up a Team [NA] 

Looking for another 3-4 guys to start up something new. Drama in my old playgroup and all that noise is driving me to start fresh. The long and short of it is I'm looking for EXTREMELY dedicated players (good to play every weeknight) who are committed to improving play, setting reasonable goals, and trying to compete in ~6 months time of regimented practice. Being a chill bro is preferred as well.

Steam ID:
3 Best heroes:
Time zone:
Times available:
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PostSubject: Re: Starting up a Team [NA] 

Hello !

I'm interested to join. I have arond 1,250 hours of dota played and have played in couple of tornaments. I have been playing since classic dota (started around 3-4 months before the slark release in dota 1). And I'm looking for a dedicated clan with hardcore / semi-hardcore progression. And I am very patient and tolerant as well; I'm 20 years old, so not a kid.

Stead ID: Grizmo
Steam profile link:
Role: Support or off-laner
3 Best heroes: Distruptor, wisp, warlock. However in my profile my top heroes are; Nyx Assasin, Jakiro and Tidehunter
Time Zone: GMT (UK)
Times Available: Anytime after 6 pm

Thank you for reading this post !
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PostSubject: Re: Starting up a Team [NA] 

Stead ID: ARES
Steam profile link: STEAM_1:0:46800436
Role: carry, mid
3 Best heroes: Pudge,spectre, juggernaut, tinker.
Times Available: Anytime after 6 pm
Time Zone: Germany
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PostSubject: Re: Starting up a Team [NA] 

Steam ID: Vexlerict
Steam profile:
Role: Support or carry (However, I could also be a intiator but I would say Im best as a support)
Best heroes: Drow, Dazzle, Zues
Time Zone: EST (NY,US)
Time Available: Anytime after 3PM

Im 'd like to apply for this group. I have been playing the original dota for a year with friends and etc then started dota 2 3 months I have been quickly learning heroes and thier roles with a friend and gotten down my strengths and weaknesses. Just want to join a party and have a good time.
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PostSubject: Re: Starting up a Team [NA] 

Steam ID: Icepops
Role: Support
Best Heroes: AA, Rhasta, VS
Time Zone: GMT-5 (US EAST)
Time Available: Weeknights, weekends.
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PostSubject: Re: Starting up a Team [NA] 

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Starting up a Team [NA]

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