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PostSubject: Looking to form a clan for any players! 

I am an admittedly new player in Dota 2. I am looking to create a team, or group of people for reliable playing. I am a relatively good player, though I am still growing as a gamer in this specific game. If you want to apply, please meet a few criteria.

Age: 16+ (I am trying to encourage a mature environment)
Speak English fluently
Have a Skype account, or teamspeak, etc...
Be willing to go through a short interview with me to confirm you are right for the team.
Be willing to help lower skill players to advance their skill.

The point of this group will be to train new players and hone the skills of advanced players. I would like to schedule scrims between team members to help encourage growth as players.

If we feel confident enough to take a stab at a tournament, or series, at some point that would be great.

I am an easy going guy that is looking for other chill people to just play some Dota with.

Respond with the following filled out:

Name(Preferred name):
Name on ^ account:
Time Zone:
How available are you to play:
Personal skill level(1-10):
Are you willing to help teach new players:

Feel free to email me at

Thanks and have a great day!

- Josiah

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PostSubject: Re: Looking to form a clan for any players! 

Name(Preferred name): prophet_of_lies (my ign, i'm 17 by the way)
Location/Country: Texas, US
Teamspeak/Skype/etc: I'm on widows 8 and my skype is being weird but i'm switching back to 7 soon. For now i have teamspeak though
Name on ^ account: Prophet
Time Zone: US central
How available are you to play: I have a really weird schedule right now (working 48 hours a week and trying to graduate high school early) but i still try and get at least 2 games in a day. In may i am going to college about 32 hours a week so i should have more free time then.
Personal skill level(1-10): I'm still pretty new so about a 5
Are you willing to help teach new players: I can teach what i know but i'm still pretty new. I have about 500 hours so far.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking to form a clan for any players! 

i am a 21 year old from norway so my timezone is +1
my actual name is Torbjørn and my account name is tobbisnaa
im currently working 37 hours a week and spend at the very least 2 hours a day playing dota2 .
im a bit sick of having to play with leavers and people i cant communicate with which is why im searching for a relaxed but midskilled guild or team whichever you prefer.
my english is quite advanced so communicating with me is no problem at all.
my skill level is hard to say but i have about 500 hours and a win ratio of about 50% but if i have to i would say 6-7 in pub games
i am certainly willing to help out new players as well as accept any guidance from more advanced players.
i prefer playing a tanky hero like axe or bristleback but im decent as both hard carry and support
i also have skype with a good headset for good communication
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PostSubject: Re: Looking to form a clan for any players! 

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Looking to form a clan for any players!

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