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PostSubject: [EU] HS Carry LF team. 

Introduction and what I'm offering for you.
Hi, I've been looking for a serious high skilled team that can play at least a few times or preferably more each week that is in need of a very dedicated & experienced hard carry (that can also play a decent off laner/jungler, but preferably hard carry before anything else).
I've played on roughly 1,8 in comp HoN back in the days and also started with dota back in 2005 but for the last few months I have been sticking to dota 2 cause of the amazing community that has grown out of valve/icefrogs hard work.
I have played Moba games such as dota for a very long time. But I've also been raiding on a professional level in World of Warcraft so I'm very used to being true to dates/times. (Although I will let you know if i can't play but most of the time i can) I'm not only looking for a good dedicated team that has time to kill, I'm also looking for a polite/fun/mature team to play with which means no kids or dicks.
What am i trying to get from you and a future team.
What I want is a serious group of people to play with that will do their best each time we play and just do everything in their power to reach score a goal (aka win). But at the same time have fun and enjoy ourselves and possibly play smaller tournaments in the future when everyone feels that they're ready. My requirements are stated as previous but in a nutshell you must be at least 17+ old and be fairly high skilled and have pretty good Moba experience such as HoN,DotA. And of course you must be friendly and nice to play with and at least have 8-12 hours each week to spare for team games but preferably more.
Contact & More.
I can install any voice software that is required but what I currently have is '' Skype/Ventrilo/TS3/Mumble/Raidcall '' Best regards Otto, for more information please add me on steam and we could chat for a bit and possibly try out a few games with the team and also add each other on steam too see if it works out. Profile
Looking forward to getting to know you and having a prosperous future together. Thanks for reading!

PS Don't forget that all contact is made by adding me on steam and having a chat, I will read no comments on this post. Also I'm willing to start from scratch with a completely fresh team as long as everyone is good and willing to learn.
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[EU] HS Carry LF team.

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