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PostSubject: Team Asgard Recruiting 


Me and a friend are looking for 3 other members to join a brand new clan. We have been part of few tournaments and are willing to form a new team to progress into tournaments and competitive level of gameplay. This clan will be formed for competitive purposes only, casual playing will not happen frequently as a team.

The roles we need are:

- Support
- Hard-carry
- Mid Lane

The requirements are:

- Must be from the EU region
- Must be 18+
- We are going to follow a strict rehearsal timing: Monday to Thursday starting at 7:00 PM (playing minimum 3 team match making games a day)
- Must have working microphone and raidcall, must have a mouth to speak as well
- Must inform if you cannot make it in one of the rehearsal timings
- Must be disciplined and stay together in the long-term to attain team synergy
- Laggers or people with unstable connection will not be accepted

Thank you very much on reading this post ! I hope that you're interested on joining.

You can post in this forum and I will check here regularly for applicants, or just add me on steam.

My steam ID is:
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PostSubject: Re: Team Asgard Recruiting 

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Team Asgard Recruiting

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