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PostSubject: Looking for swedish/nordic/national team 

Hey! I'm a swedish lad of the age of 21. I've played the old and lovely DotA for about 3-4 years, I was kinda serious for a while there too. I was playing in a few clans and we had about DIV 2 skill in Pick League. But that was years ago, so after that I direcly went to HoN and have been staying with HoN for about a year or a year and a half. Now I've played DotA 2 for a week, so I'm still working a few things out but its going better and better. So I don't really know what heroes to bann/pick on banning draft etc. Back in my "highlight of the DotA carrier" I always played ganker/roamer/semi-carry, but now I'm opened for everything, ganker is preferable tho. I'm played about 3-6 hours a day. My english is pretty decent I think, I would say its a 6-7 on a scale 1-10.

I'm looking for a team who play reguarly and pretty serious every night more or less. If you got any questions, ask me here or add me on steam (, gibban92)

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Looking for swedish/nordic/national team

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