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PostSubject: My introduction. 

Hi my name is Tsuki i am kind new to d2p i joined this forum to play and enjoy dota2 with other peopels so if you do play dota2 feel free to Add me if you want I dont really have anything else to say i have been playing dota1 for 4 years and dota2 since it came out i was in the beta so thats really it if you want to to know how Much i play daily just ask also my Favorite Heroes are

Bounty,Spirit Breaker,Lina,axe,Templer,Lifestealer,void,Huskar,Pudge Etc.. i got alot of Favorite Heroes so i wont bother telling all of them but those are the Main i use in Fights and Regarding Country i am from denmark.

Other things:
I am available on steam mostlikely all the day Long if you dont see me online I am probally either sleeping or studying or hanging out with my friends.
if you wish to Contact me you can do it through Msn Skype or just pm me on the forums Whatever you wish.

Peace out from Tsuki I hope to make friends on this Forum and have a good time Here.

and i Nearly Forgot to Tell my age i am 20 years old.

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My introduction.

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