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Here Comes a New Challenger!! Empty
PostSubject: Here Comes a New Challenger!! 

Haha sorry for the heading! I know, I know.... DoTA2 not Street Fighter. Just a big fan of both that's all! Smile


This is my intro guys, I am a little crazy as you might have guessed! I am relatively new to DoTA 2 but have found myself super addicted to this game!! 214 hours in the last 2 weeks according to my steam profile (and I thought I hadn't played that much this last week too...) and don't see myself spending any less time as this game heads into commercial release. I would say my experience is low, guys/girls being playing this genre for 10 years so I have a lot of ground to cover in that respect! But would at least boast that I hold my own in pub matches (surprisingly well) and have picked up the jist of things pretty quickly... came on here really just to get to know new people and maybe find some pals to play with, I had a group I used to play with when I started but they have since gone back to league...grrr ¬_¬;.

*shakes fist at league*

Haha. Sorry. Hope I can get to know some folks and that we all have a good time Smile

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Here Comes a New Challenger!!

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