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PostSubject: Dota 2 Tournament 

www.ats-gaming.com have opened up for signup to the second SteelSeries and Komplett dota 2 tournament. The tournament will be held during the weekend of March 8th - 10th.
In the first tournament two weeks back, there was 54 registered teams from around the world.

The website is still in beta and we are using these tournaments to test new features. As a thank you for helping out, we have decided to provide some prizes to make it worthwhile for you:

5x SteelSeries Sensei RAW
5x 500 kr komplett gift card
€ 250

5x SteelSeries Sensei RAW
5x 250 £ komplett gift card
€ 150

To register for the tournament you must have 5 players on your team. Here is a small step by step guide to signup for the tournament

1) All players creates a user on www.ats-gaming.com.
2) The captain creates the team.
3) the others players can use the 'find team' function in the user menu to find the team and request to join the team.
4) The captain will receive a message on the site and needs to accept the new members in to the team.
Once your team has 5 members, you can then go to the tournaments link, click on the current tournament and press signup.

As I said earlier, the site is still in beta and we will weekly add new features and visual updates. Stay tuned on www.facebook.com/AndThenSomeGaming or www.ats-gaming.com to get announcements about future tournaments.
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Dota 2 Tournament

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