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PostSubject: DREAMMYZ [LF] Clan  

Hello there, I am DREAMMYZ. You can also call me Lance. I am 16 this year and from Malaysia. I have about 2 years of competitive DotA experience.
I am not joining LAN tour for now ( to focus on study more, unless there's a rare opportunity ). Mostly joining online tournaments.
-Have skype and a mic to talk.
-Can speak English or Chinese.
-Joined several LAN tournaments in Malaysia before like SMM Grand Finals. ( team NJTL )
-Roles : Mid / Offlane ( these are my priority roles, I can play all roles though )
-Favourite heroes : Invoker, Pudge, Gyrocopter
-Mostly play at weekends and friday night.
-SEA server.
-Willing to learn and can accept criticism.
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PostSubject: Re: DREAMMYZ [LF] Clan  

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PostSubject: Re: DREAMMYZ [LF] Clan  

- Your age : 17
- Location : India
- Rate your English 0-10 : 09
- Rate your skill 0-10 : 09
- Most played heroes : I can play and perform well with every hero.
- Steam ID (LINK) : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014711230/
- Roles you're applying for : Flexible enough.
- Dota 1/Dota 2 experience(Separately): Dota 1 - 2 years
Dota 2 - 1 year

- Anything you want to add about yourself (Not needed) : Get me a chance to prove myself I'll prove it to you.
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PostSubject: Re: DREAMMYZ [LF] Clan  

Deus Gaming is recruiting!

Deus Gaming was founded by a small group of friends spanning over multiple games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Minecraft, etc. Deus Gaming has grown quickly and we are looking for more gamers that enjoy both casual and competitive play as we move into the Dota 2 and StarCraft 2 communities.

What can you expect from Deus Gaming:

A mature gaming community that upholds Respect, Honor, Loyalty & Team work.
Skilled players and mentors willing to help you learn and improve.
Mature, friendly players to have fun and play with.
Leadership that listens. We make sure to get your input and always try to improve the community.

Weekly community events.
Monthly prizes.
Live stream events.
A competitive place to play and win.

Recruitment Information

We are looking for members looking to join our ranks as of now.
What are we looking for you might be wandering?

We offer TeamSpeak channels and forums for each of our featured community games and are always looking to add more games.

- Minecraft

We host our own Minecraft servers. We have a public whitelisted hardcore survival factions server, Deus Feed the Beast hardcore survival server, Deus

vanilla creative server, and our Hunger Games server with multiple arenas.

- League of Legends

We currently run multiple competitive teams.

- World of Warcraft

We are on Darkspear, Alliance side, PvP server. We have a guild called Deus Gaming with 140+ members participating in raids, rated battlegrounds and


- Dota 2

We have just opened recruitment for this section and have leadership positions available.

- Starcraft 2

We have just opened recruitment for this section and have leadership positions available.

- Elder Scrolls Online (coming soon)

Our members have registered for beta access and look forward to opening recruitment pre-release.


You must be 18 or older before you apply, (we do make exceptions).
Must be active on our website and TeamSpeak.

Have TeamSpeak and a working mic with "push to talk" mode enabled.
Be willing to help others.

No drama!

Visit our website and register and apply.
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PostSubject: Re: DREAMMYZ [LF] Clan  

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