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PostSubject: Clans Recruiting? 

I am from NZ and I am a casual player but sometimes like to be a little competitive would like to join a clan to pub/scrim with. I am not the greatest of all players but I normally random all the time in pubs and some times pick. I think I am a better in the role 2 and 3 heroes rather than a role 1 carry. My role 4 and 5 is not too great but can support if needed. I can play 1 or 2 role 1 heroes.

I normally play on Australian or USW servers.
Steam: daoblit <- on mainly with friends
Steam: daoblit1 <- will join clan with

I have a mic and am willing to attend training sessions and whatever is needed.
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PostSubject: Re: Clans Recruiting? 

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Clans Recruiting?

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