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PostSubject: Looking for a competitive team to play in [SEA] 

Hello! My name is Nicholas "Atravus" Tang. I've been playing DotA since 2005 and and I've switched to DotA 2 just last year.

I've never played competitively before, but I do keep up with the competitive scene.

I play on the SEA servers and I'm looking for a team that wants to participate in tournaments.

- I have excellent knowledge on game mechanics
- I own a mic and I use skype (I'm open to any other forms of communication)
- I'm most comfortable playing the 1 and 2 positions, though I have played the 4 and 5 positions
- My hero pool since converting to DotA 2 has shrunk from DotA 1, but I am willing to pick up any hero required by the team
- I am willing to practice long hours, and can play almost any time of the day

Steam id: Atravus
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Looking for a competitive team to play in [SEA]

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