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PostSubject: SDW Clan Recruiting 

We are a group of friends of different skills levels looking to grow into a fully fledged gaming community. Our main game as been DOTA 2 for quite some time and we are now looking for more players of all skill levels to play with. Our group is all about respect, and improving our general DOTA 2 experience as well as our skill level. If you do want to join, post an admissions form on our forums and it will be reviewed in the next 24h then you will have access to our forums and our TS3 server!

Keep in mind, we are a brand new community and as such, our group is small and our forums empty, but we are looking forward to change that with the help of new active members!

Looking foward to meet you

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PostSubject: Re: SDW Clan Recruiting 

I'm in
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no bumps please.

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SDW Clan Recruiting

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