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PostSubject: Carry, forest initiator looking for Dota 2 team. 

Hello my name is Simon, I am 17 years old, I live in Europe Denmark and I am looking for a fairly competitive Dota 2 team, that will mainly be playing in the weekendsm and fridays, but certainly also mondays and so on, but that will depend on what kind of homework I have for the next day, since I am currently studying in college.
I first came into the MOBA genre when I tried HoN. I played HoN for about 1 and half years and then I moved over to Dota 2 wich I have now played for a little over 600 hours.
I have a michophone and I am able to download and use any voice-communication program in our games (voice-communication is a must).
I play the roles of carry and forest-initiator like Enigma (carry is definitely my favourite).
If I should judge my own skill on a scale from 1 to 10, I would place my self on 7.5-8. I feel like I have come to a place where I can't get any further from random games and the only way to progress is to play with a competitive team.
The team I would like to join should be around my skill level, (or higher Smile)) be able to take hard criticism and not cry and whine if they get a hero (who might be nesecarry to pick to win) who they don't like.

Skype: igotahihi
Steam: simon10558
Timezone: GMT+/--1:00
Give me a poke if you should be interested in me, thank you.
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Carry, forest initiator looking for Dota 2 team.

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