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PostSubject: Team Recruiment 

Dota 2 --> Flexible Menace (Serious Team) ( SEA SERVER/REGION)

Currently Looking for Some Pro-SemiPro Player to Join us On Serious and Big Tournaments and Some other Scrims Practice
We are Looking Forward to Get Sponsorship To Go Lan's and Other stuff

We just need simple Things

Must Have :
Serious(Dont Troll)
Not Rage And We Dont Blame
Common Sense
Know What role you Playin
Can Play All Role and Hero's
Easy To Sync Up On TF
18+ So Not Hard to Travel Far If we Get the Sponsorship
Mic Or Fast Typing Skill to Connect Ingame

Add me On bringbring1123 if you are interested
We Doing Tryout So Feel Free to Add Smile

Best Regards,
Ymell-From Flexible Menace[i]
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PostSubject: Re: Team Recruiment 

Hello! My name is Nicholas "Atravus" Tang.

I've been playing DotA since 2005 and and I've switched to DotA 2 just last year.

I've never played competitively before, but I do keep up with the competitive scene.

I play on the SEA servers and I'm looking for a team that wants to participate in tournaments.

- I have excellent knowledge on game mechanics
- I own a mic and I use skype (I'm open to any other forms of communication)
- I'm most comfortable playing the 1 and 2 positions, though I have played the 4 and 5 positions
- My hero pool since converting to DotA 2 has shrunk from DotA 1, but I am willing to pick up any hero required by the team
- I am willing to practice long hours, and can play almost any time of the day

Steam id: Atravus
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PostSubject: Re: Team Recruiment 

Hello, my name is Mike.
haven't played competitive but looking for a team to play with Smile
Played Dota, HoN and other moba games over 4 years now, and i play in th Europe servers though.
willing to play any hero role,
Contact me for further informatin Smile
Steam: insuicidal
And i lift.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Recruiment 

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Team Recruiment

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