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PostSubject: [EU]Looking for a support[High] 

Hello all,

We are searching for a hard or semi-support as a last player for our team.
We are all located in europe, so we are looking mainly for players in europe.

First of all you need to be mature, which means taking critics, not raging, spamming or trolling, listening to orders ingame.
Secondly, you need to know your role. We have had more than 20-30 supports to try out which didn't even know where to place wards, we are not here to teach basics but discuss and practice advanced strategies.
The skill level we are looking for is preferably high or atleast mid/high.

Our practice times are daily(we have some day offs, but that is scheduled) from ~20:30/21:00 until 00:00/01:00 (depends on peoples) GMT +2

If you are interested or want to know more details add me on steam : Holy2Lord

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[EU]Looking for a support[High]

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