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PostSubject: SG, HC F > team/people to draft with. 

Hi guys,

Abit more about me ,

I'm 22 from Singapore so I play in SEA servers, as the title says I specialize in hard carry role but i'm able to play solo mid role as well.

Been playing dota2 for about 6-7 months now with over 1k games played.

Percentile on dotabuff was 85% and ranking was platinum ( i think, cant remember the name ) stats was 2705.

Was previously in the competitive scene for CS 1.6 so I'm very competitive. I work hard, I'm able to take criticism and work on my mistakes.

Strengths : Ability to farm and carry the team, and good decision making skills during late game.

Weakness : Supporting is one of my biggest weakness. Ask me to babysit someone and I'll probably end up stealing his last hits XD it's inbuilt in me to farm. Also I'm pretty bad at micro-ing but I'm still learning.

Best heros : AM , FV , DK , QOP, NS.


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SG, HC F > team/people to draft with.

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