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PostSubject: Competitive player looking for Dota 2 team 

Hello. My name is Rasmus Ekström / KabbzCast.
Iam looking for a competitive Dota 2 team.

Information about Rasmus:

First of all you might think to yourself why would i wanna play with Rasmus?: Well I have over 5 years of experience in Dota and iam an formal professional Starcraft 2 player and have been alot in the E-sports scen.
How old are you?: Iam 17 years old, Birthdate: 95-08-25.
Where do you live?: I live in Sweden and iam born in Stockholm.
Do you have a working microphone?: Yes I do have a working microphone.
What communication program do you use?: I use Teamspeak, Skype, Mumble, Ventrilo.
How much experience do you have?: As I mentioned earlier, I have 5 years of Dota experience ( HoN, LoL, WC3 Dota ) I know all roles and I can play them all. And my experiance from RTS games overall is mainly comming from my time playing Starcraft 2 which was a great success, I played alot and finally achieved my goal: Becomming a professional Starcraft 2 player.
How often do you play?: I play 4-5 days a week, 8 hours or so. (CET time 18.00-00.00)

If you want any more information about me then add me on:
Skype: Chipparn1337
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kabbzcast/

Thanks for reading and greetings from Rasmus Ekström / KabbzCast
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Competitive player looking for Dota 2 team

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