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PostSubject: Express yourself with something I made: 

Hey everyone! If what is below is "tl;dr", then here is a short sentence on what is below: I made stuffz, IT'S PRETTY. FOLLOW LINKSSSS !!!!

Anywho, hello !
I made this work to help describe how I feel about gaming. I'm sure some of you understand this feeling as well; how instead of us running around doing all sorts of nasty drugs, we're here, playing games, meeting new people, and, well, being good and doing what we like. So if you're a gamer like I am, I really hope you enjoy these works!
I'm doing this so it can maybe help me with books for school, and for those of you in a university, you know what I mean n.n.
I made this design specifically for hoodies (which go up to 2xl): http://www.redbubble.com/people/86248diamond/works/9885850-gaming-is-my-high

And here are the ones specifically for prints/cards/etc:

Anddddd the ones for iPAD cases xD:

Andddddddddd finally one for iPhones (btw, if you're wondering why apple, it's what I could make for the website, I actually use droids so I want to make one for droid users eventually)

Thank you all for your time at looking at this! Honestly the fact that some of you even read this far means a lot =]
If you're interested in purchasing, I know it ships to a crapton of countries, so just try it out! =p


I also bought this as a hoodie, and if you guys are wondering the quality of it, it’s not just a printed sticker, it actually sticks fine and the hoodies are soft :3
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Express yourself with something I made:

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