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PostSubject: [EU] Forming a MS/HS DotA Clan/Team. 


After some thoughts i have decided to try and form a new 5 man[europe] team for Dota 2.
First of all - if you are impatient, like to flame or have the "elitist" ego this is not for you.

I have 7 yrs of DotA experience, 2 of which really serious.

TEAM GOAL - Get to competitive level (Don't expect that to happen in 1 week, alot of training, training, training is required.)

Me: HardCarry/SemiCarry/Initiator - MID/SAFE/JUNGLE
Xeno: Ganker/Supporter/Babysitter - OFF/TRI

1. Mid-high skill
2. Being active (everyday availability evening time/ ~18-23 GMT +2/)
3. Loving your role and sticking to it(don't like role swapping)
4. Microphone/Skype preffered
5. Patience
6. Learning/Improving Attitude - I'm not a pro player myself, but I learn a lot Reading/Watching PROS.

If you are interested or want to ask more details add me on -
Skype - darkphobos91
Steam - darkphobos91

Since I understand that teamates cannot always be online at the same time (we have also a life, sad but true) I've also decided to form a larger group of MID/HIGH Skilled players to play inhouse games, and pubs without the risk to meet Tards/Noobs and RUS mostly...

Phoby : )

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PostSubject: Re: [EU] Forming a MS/HS DotA Clan/Team. 

UP! Smile

Community Mermbers: about 20, still growing Smile

Contact Me!
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[EU] Forming a MS/HS DotA Clan/Team.

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