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Sign Up's are Open for Dota 2 ( 1000EURO Prizes ) Empty
PostSubject: Sign Up's are Open for Dota 2 ( 1000EURO Prizes ) 


My name is Dragos Alexandru and i'm Manager of the Association "Arena Cyber League" and Association "Professional Dota 2 League" association in charge of organizing competitions for computer games.

Founded in 2007, ACL was one of the trainers views on gaming in Romania. The need for expansion and evolution led to the creation of online TV ACL TV, which aired for the first time season 3 Counter Strike, organized by ACL in July 2008 from the Wired Cafe Internet cafe.

ACL TV is targeted in 2012, sending as many events in the world of IT, and increase range of clients and partners, which they have now. This can be a target, because our team uses professionals working constantly to improve the quality of the show aired.
On October 20, 2012 ACL began working with 6TV TV cable channel which is available on digital, interactive dolce and dolce.

Arena Cyber League - Professional League Dota 2 - Season 1

Register Date: 18 December 2012 - 25 January 2012 ( 18:00h )
Season Duration : 26 January 2012 - 3 March 2013
The final season 1 of Professional League Dota 2 ( 16teams - Lan Party Bucharest, Romania ) : 16 March 2013

Prizes for final seaons will be :

First Place : 500EURO
Second Place : 300EURO
Third Place : 200EURO


The Season 1 final will be broadcast live fully and commented on cable television 6TV and online : , ,

Official Sponsors ACL : Krond Solutions - Like IT
Media Parnters : Sports Magazine ( Gazeta Sporturilor ) , ACL TV , 6TV Television , The University Hyperion ( Universitatea Hyperion ).

For details about SignUP to Professional League

For any questions / concerns, our team is availablev

We invite you to actively participate ACL League .

Thank you for your cooperation

All the best, Dragos „kago” Alexandru

Contact :
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Sign Up's are Open for Dota 2 ( 1000EURO Prizes )

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