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PostSubject: Forming a USE Mid skill level team. 

Hey there, I am going to be creating a Mid-high skill USE based team, although if you can still show up for scrims and practice games then any time zone will work. I have done this before, but a major thing I don't want to do is captain/draft. I honestly just dont have as much time as I would like to analyze other teams games, or watch replays of our previous games.

This team will hopefully become competitive and join tournaments and leagues after a few weeks or months of practicing and scriming or until we can learn to play together decently well. I am mid skill level player myself but I do know a bit about competitive play as I have been on a small team that joined a few tournaments in the past, so please be at least of mid skill level and have a decent understanding of the kinds of things that go on in competitive play and know how to adapt to a game.

There are a few requirements to joining the team:

    Have a working mic, pretty straight forward, we will most likely be using skype to talk unless someone has a vent/mubmble server we can use.

    Speak fluent English, as this is a USE based team you need to know how to speak English.

    Dont rage, no one likes a rager, and on the other hand you also need to learn how to take criticism, if you are going to criticize some one, though, don't be a total dick about it.

    Dedication, it takes a lot to become a better player and as I said before I am only a mid skill level player so I can improve a lot personally, and so can everyone else. You should be able to play at least around 2 hours a day or so and be able to have a flexible schedule for when we have upcoming tournaments.

Now a bit about my preferred play style, I personally like playing the 2 or 3 role but prefer playing offlane and like to play aggresive. I'm also 16 if that's an issue for you.

I will start testing people out soon, depending on the people I get maybe tomorrow. Team name and such will be decided upon team creation. If you are interested add me on steam at
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Forming a USE Mid skill level team.

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