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PostSubject: Experience DotA player looking for a serious team. 

I feel that I am an experienced DotA player with DotA 2 and have been playing DotA and DotA 2 for over 2 years now, I can play any hard carry role exceedingly well but can also play a very wide range of characters from Enigma to Tide Hunter to Templar Assassin.

I'm 19, from USA and own my own mumble channel if this would be helpful but I am not against using Skype or Xfire or anything like this. I am really looking for a serious team with a very serious Team Captain that can organize Scrims, Games, and Tournaments to play in.

Please Add me on steam
Steam id: Maxwell8888

Edit: Just noticed "Experience DotA Player" So now I guess uhhh, you guys get to experience me? Lmfao

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Experience DotA player looking for a serious team.

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