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PostSubject: Looking for competitive Dota 2 Clan 

My name is Drew, I'm 18 and am from the US Pacific (USW Server).
Rate from (0-10) rate my self as ( 8 ) but then again I've seen people who are terrible and rate themselves an 8 so who knows.
I like to be competitive as well as having a good time and joking around.

My favorite heroes are:
-Dragon Night: I currently have a 72% win-loss ratio with Dragon Knight. Honestly if it wasnt for other players sucking I'd assume it'd be closer to 80.
-Templar Assassin: Play mid and take out tower early in order to move on to ganking at roughly level 8 or 9 depending on how the other lanes are doing.
-Juggernaut: This character is so dirty. How can you not carry with him?
-Death Prophet: Fun to run around, push towers, gank, and overall destroy people.

My position in the team:
-Hard carry and semi-carry. If needed I can play tank/initiator such as tidehunter or magnus
Favorate Lane: (Radiant/Dire)
-Most games I prefer to either play mid or solo hard lane with a jungler tri-lane top depending on the character on both sides.

What i expect from the team:
-Playing Fairly often. Am a college student so flexible to classes and what not.
-Tournaments or competitive matches playing against other quality teams/players
-+16 years
-Skype, mumble, ts3, etc. (Microphone)
-Team mates able to speak English
-Good team composition in which we can learn each others strengths and weaknesses and build on them

What the team can expect from me:
[In Game]
-Extremely competitive. If someone on my team is feeding I will bitch them out.
-Diverse range of characters that can be played well.

[Outside the Game]
-Been watching/playing Dota 2 since the first Dota 2 International tournament. Recieved Beta invite roughly 8 months ago.
-Prior played HoN for 2-3 years in a competitive clan. Dota 2 came out and shit got old.
-Easy and going and friendly to teammates although opponents may feel my wrath of shit talking. I like to have fun.

Steam Account Informations:

Screenshot of Win/Lose/Abandon:


contact info:

Ask some questions?
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Looking for competitive Dota 2 Clan

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