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PostSubject: Looking for clan 

Good day,

I am wanting to join a clan (preferably US) and want to contribute my skills to the team. I've played MOBA type games since HON beta (yes, originally started there) and want to be part of a fun skilled team. Pubs aren't fun anymore.

Anything except for hard carry. I have the worst luck with my lane mates it seems, but I am willing to play anything. I prefer initiator/tank or caster/support.

I am on every day unless I am out of town, which isn't very often.

I am 25 years old and easy going/mature. LOUD, obnoxious people and I do not get along. I've been a gamer since Doom. I enjoy walks on the beach (preferably nude).

Anyways, if you want to play or "tryouts" (what-have-you), just email or add it via STEAM friends.

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Looking for clan

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