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PostSubject: [NA] Looking for players to enoll in tournaments [ 

This is different than other posts. I am seeking players who play dota everyday or at least 5/7 days a week. There will be no scheduled times
but if you don't play around 2-5 hours a day i will not be interested in you. Please have 2+ years of MOBA experience before contacting. Looking for players with high goals and who want to win. Looking for players with high team synergy.

We will only queue CM. Currently every role is open. Team work is key and that's what makes and breaks the best teams. You need to be willing to accept criticism as everyone can improve. You will not be called out unless you are preforming poorly several matches. Everyone messes up once in a
while which is okay. As such we will review and scrutinise replays to see
where things went wrong.

I will be trying out people on my smruf account which is listed below. Please
IM me on steam as i will not be answering on this website.
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[NA] Looking for players to enoll in tournaments [

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