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PostSubject: (EU)rank medium making a serious competitive clan 

Hi all,
i am Afzal Saleem from Enland,i have played dota 2 for about 7 to 8 months.i usually play hard carrier, carrier or support.
i am making a clan,although i need someone to LEAD IT Smile.i begin having a bad time playing solo.
we are alwaying playing for win not for fun. one in a while it ok.

the requirements are:

you must be over 18
you should have skype:, add me on skype afzal.saleem5
you must have a understanding about the game.
no rage leaving,blaming.
you should know how to warding,dewarding,stact etc.
you must be avaliable at 4 to 5 days /week
must me willing to teach other in the clan.
must know you role in game well. ganker,carrier,oflaner.
i would prefer time is about 6pm to 12 pm(Greenwich)time zone.but we can play other time too.but on sundays i am bit busy at work.
you guys should have the knowledge about clan battle.

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(EU)rank medium making a serious competitive clan

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