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PostSubject: LF a Stable team in SEA Region 

Steam profile link:
Playing from:Philippines
How long have you played dota: 5 years
Individual Skill: Semi-Expert
What roles do you play: Ganker / Initiator / Semi-support / Support
Preferred heroes: Dark Seer / Crystal Maiden / Sand king / Shadow Demon / Lion / Undying / Dazzle
Expectations from this team: Can Play competitive in International scene
Screenshot of Win/Lose/Abandon: Only played 2 weeks on Dota 2..

24 / 12 / 3. I hate playing pub games sometimes because of leavers.. That is why i spend this time searching for a team with skilled players to play with

You can msg me here or in my gmail
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PostSubject: Re: LF a Stable team in SEA Region 

Steam profile link:
Age:19 years
Playing from:India
How long have you played dota: one and a half years of dota and 7 months of dota 2 experince
Individual Skill:Medium
What roles do you play:can play all types of roles with my prefrence going to hard support and initiators
Preferred heroes:my personal favorits are tide,sandking,dark seer,brewmaster,juggernaut,omniknight,earthshaker to name a few....
Expectations from this team:good communication and understanding in each of their team mates stengths and weakness and backing them up accordingly
Screenshot of Win/Lose/Abandon:my current stats are 347/353/33 sry about the screenshot couldnt upload it..

i usually believe in teamwork along with picking heros based on opponents team and outlaning them and i am usually feel that good teamwork along with communication are key to wining and ur individual skills grow when u play wid players who have the same opinion on the game as u do..wining is not a priority to me as long as 5 players as a team give their best shot and have fun learning new thing in each match

i hope u consider me and look forward for your reply
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LF a Stable team in SEA Region

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