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PostSubject: [EU] Team EZ 

Hey guys,

I'm part of a clan called Team EZ. We have been around for about a year now having four different regiments in our clan; Starcraft2, Minecraft, Call of duty and Dota2. We want to recruit some more people to play Dota2 with us or other games if you'd like to. We are mostly casual, but do also have a team. Most of the time we are just playing games with eachother and if we can get enough people we could opt for some inhouses/tournaments and such. We are most active in the evening, though sometimes we also play during the day. Our few requirements though are having a mic and being able to speak english well enough for us to communicate during games.

If anyone is interested in joining a clan, where the main goal is to have fun playing dota2, contact one of the following persons or make an application on our forums:

Contact info:
- Letroll/Venum (steam: DPiN| Venum)
- Vickhoff (steam: Vickhoff)
- Super (steam: TEZ| n00b no.1)
- Ferdie (steam: TEZ| Ferdie)

http://easy-team.org/index.php (note that it's a new website, so the forum looks a bit empty).
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[EU] Team EZ

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