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PostSubject: [EU] Looking for MS-HS players to play with 

* You play for winning, not fun, though a bit of fun now and again never hurts
* You're always willing to learn and improve
* You know how to play a variety of heroes and roles
* You've played atleast 100 hours and have moderate-high experience with the game
* You can do general things like pulling, stacking, dewarding & so on

Preferable times:
17:00-03:00 CET, 3-7 days a week

If things go well I'd be more than willing to form a team

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PostSubject: Re: [EU] Looking for MS-HS players to play with 

I begin playing dota2 for about 5 months and have planty of experinces and willing to play more and learn too.i do know how to play most hero.but not all and from most heros i am good with them.e.i. heros like.drow ranger,choas knight. ta,riki,slark,warrunner,windrunner,husker,purdge,storm spririt,bh,invoker,. but not all.i am good with dota 2 but not very good.and i am a quick learner. i can play on sunday and mostly i am free other days
email me @ saleemafzal_316@yahoo.co.uk
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PostSubject: Re: [EU] Looking for MS-HS players to play with 

Hey man!

I am a carry player/Versatile that has been playing HoN/Dota for 3 years.

I am very motivated

Play to win and have fun winning

Played almost 400 hours of Dota 2

That'll do... Contact me on steam: RyG.ALLITHINKOFISSTONEHENGE

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PostSubject: Re: [EU] Looking for MS-HS players to play with 

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[EU] Looking for MS-HS players to play with

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