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PostSubject: GG. Guilty Gamer's Community - Recruiting 

Guilty Gamers are a rather new Gaming Community. We play many games such as Counter Strike Source, Dota 2, Minecraft, TF2, and we're currently recruiting!
We are looking for active members who want to become part of a Community and work together to make it even bigger.
We are a serious but also a fun community that depends solely on our members. We as a community have a family friendly environment where you can meet new people and enjoy playing games with others. We have Members from all around the world and accept anyone that wants to join.

Visit our site: Guilty Gamers and register on our Forums

We are looking for members with a good attitude and members that will actively play and engage with the Community. We do monthly Giveaways for games such as Saints Row 3, Skyrim, The Ship, Dota 2 and many more!

Our biggest Divisions in the community are the Counter Strike and Dota 2 Divisions. For Dota, we are starting Teams for both EU and US and are planning on doing weekly practices and monthly events such as Tournaments or matches against other Teams. At the moment, we have players from all skill levels and are accepting anyone no matter their skill level as long as they are willing to learn and have fun while playing.

We are planning on starting Dota 2 Tournaments within the Community where members will have a chance to win Prizes and Rare Items for Dota 2.
The tournaments will be open to all GG Members and any other Players/Teams that wish to participate.

Feel free to ask any questions or visit our forums.
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GG. Guilty Gamer's Community - Recruiting

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