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PostSubject: Danish team 

My name is Thomas, 23 years old.
I have been playing dota for a long time and I consider myself above midskilled - therefore im looking for likeminded danes who wanna get a team going!

following requirements is a must.

age: 18-19+
skill: midskilled, perhaps with a +.
Knowledge about the game is a must aswell.
Im thinking of scrimming like 3 days a week for starters - depending on when people can play and so on.
A schedule will be made after the team is complete.

My steamID is terror_t (zhade with a FC Barcelona logo)
Or post a reply in the thread.
Kind regards Thomas
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PostSubject: Re: Danish team 

Hey Thomas

I've been playing Dota for serveral years, but do not know what grade I am currently at.

If you care to take a game with a fellow dane you can @ Sjalin to your steam acc.

Age: 24
Skill: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Danish team 


Age: 21

Country : South Africa

Experience: Ive been playing dota 1 for 3 years, then started playing dota 2 for about a year. Im skilled in every hero, and can play a very good support or jungler. Can also play a good Hard carry but if joining a serious clan id prefer to stick too support!! Playing dota 1 ive played lots of clan matches, mostly being at big lans, but ive played several Online matches too, and my clan did well, but split up after a year!

Yes i have a mic and i am Originally english speaking.!

Playing Roles: Jungler and support

I can play anytime on the weekends and mostly anytime during the week too.
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PostSubject: Re: Danish team 

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Danish team

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