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PostSubject: High - Mid | Solo mid / Carry | Lf active team ! 

Hello My name is Adrian and i am looking for a dota 2 clan or members that would like to from a team with me. I am from sweden and will only play on EU servers. My skills is mid+ - high. I have experience from other clans that i have played in and we have done very well and i have grown alot. The rolls i play is MID or HARDCARRY, i can in some emergancy situations also go for the hardlane bur preferebly not. I am looking for a clan that is very active and that plays alomst everyday. I have a good working mic and i can speak english. intreasted ? Add me on steam : Thesyndabock or on skype : adde880

I hope hearing form someone soon Very Happy

Have a great day.
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High - Mid | Solo mid / Carry | Lf active team !

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