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PostSubject: Looking for Team 

So, I am looking for a good group of players to play with. I have over 600 games played in dota2. If that's not enough games, you should take into consideration that I've played cs 1.6 professionally and placed high in WoW arenas - not new to competitive gaming. I'm searching for a group/team of friendly dota2 players that are medium or high skilled. I don't care if we aren't that good, just as long as it is enjoyable. I'll always be improving my game one way or another. I'm writing this because I am stuck in normal brackets and literally 9/10 times i solo queue, I am placed with really BAD teammates (the ones that don't even use abilities ;/). Flame if you want, but it's 100% true. Just tired of having 3+ feeders on my team. Enough with the gripes, I just want to get competitive in this game. I know all the heroes, cd's, etc. I like roaming and supporting. I can carry - doesn't matter to me.

I'm from the US - East. I can play everyday from 7-12 EST (maybe until 2 some days). Some days maybe not that much due to life. Steam name: Mugz. You can message me whenever. I'm usually online.

Some info about me: I'm 27, been in military, about to have 2 degrees from UGA, play instruments, sing, many other things.
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Looking for Team

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