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PostSubject: Team Recruiting! Need exceptional players! 

Hey everyone!


Steam Profile Name: wR.Lilynette

-wR- we Ravage


-Must speak English Thoroughly
-Needs to be able to stay friendly with other team members. (fight with each other, criticizing, etc.)
-Is able to stay focused on the game, not raging at the enemy team.
-A good understanding on how to play DOTA 2(Remembers to call SS/Missing/Re)

Roles that we are looking for

NOTE: When I say preferably that does NOT mean if you don't play that hero doesn't mean that I wouldn't want you playing another hero with that role. The reason I say preferably is because I've seen these heroes in matches and they seem to fit the roles best In MY opinion.

-Support/Lane Support(Preferably Ranged)
-Tank(Preferably Axe or Centaur)
-Pusher(Preferably Keeper of the Light)

This team will be a semi-democratic as far as decision making goes.

Practice times when eventually arranged, will be set to best fit your schedule, I completely understand that you have other things in life to deal with and I would like to help not push you out of important real life events. However, I would like to state that I am looking for dedicated players, not ones that will show up for practice once every month, or something similar.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for your time, for checking this thread out!

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PostSubject: Re: Team Recruiting! Need exceptional players! 

Add in what region this clan is
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PostSubject: Re: Team Recruiting! Need exceptional players! 

Age: 18
Country: usa, ny

steamid STEAM_0:0:43424226 , skype: chemtavsgaficeb
got working mic.
playing role: support.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Recruiting! Need exceptional players! 


Country: Norway
Speak fluent English
Got mic
Role: Anything

Skype: Sigurfinnur.Snorrason
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PostSubject: Re: Team Recruiting! Need exceptional players! 

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Team Recruiting! Need exceptional players!

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