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PostSubject: New Team Recruiting players US 

We are a newly forming team looking for 2 players. Looking for US players only, age requirement is 18+. Currently we have 3 people to form this team.

Positions Currently filled are Hardcarry and middle. Our 3rd person is currently undecided on position but is an all around player.
Open positions are Hard Support,Support/Jungle, and Initation.

Practice schedule will be Tues,Wed,Thurs 8CST-Midnight(Will go longer if people willing)
Alternate days for extra practice monday/friday same time not required.
As team progresses on into the competitive scene, flexiablity for Weekend tournament may be asked of. Leagues will join we see fit at the time.

Our goals as a team is to make it to high end competitive dota2 area. We will be flexiable with players as long as you show dedication, understanding of the game, and improvement. You can send me a message through steam on or email me at

Email with info and yourself and interested position. Thank you for your time.
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New Team Recruiting players US

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