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PostSubject: Two Swedish noobies looking for a EU team 

Hey. We are two guys looking for our first Dota 2 team.
Sebastian "ZeebbZ" Hällkvist, 20 Years old.
I can play whichever role you need.
Skype : ZeebbZ
Steam ID : ZeebbZ

Kristoffer "Krillekrall" Hällkvist, 18 Years old.
Can play whichever role you need.
Contact info:
Skype: bigbluffarn94
Steam ID: bigbluffarn94

We've never played any MOBA seriously but we would like to give it a shot. Neither of us have any experience what so ever in Dota (except playing CM with friends).
We can play almost every night during the weeks , 19-00 CET I guess. And probably play some during the weekends as well.
We'd prefer to play with people from Sweden, but I speak English pretty well so it wouldn't be a problem with a European team.
So if you would like to give us a chance add us (or just send a message on here)
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Two Swedish noobies looking for a EU team

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