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PostSubject: Tactical Assault Unit - Multi-Gaming Community 

Hello everyone and fellow dota 2 nerds. Razz

My name is Scythe, I'm 20 years old, turning 21 soon, i am 1 of 2 founders of my own multi-gaming community, Tactical Assault Unit. We originate in Call Of Duty: MW3 but we provide divisions of games with high interest as my main/most played game myself is Dota 2, i thought i'd come amongst these boards and try to recruit a little more people:

Our requirements aren't asking you for an arm and a leg, everything is fair and understandable and we're very very laid back, mature, easy-going and highly active. If you fancy yourself the competitive player and looking for league play, ideally multi-gaming communities don't go that route, but we are seeking a SOLID, ACTIVE roster for league play.

- Must have a working microphone
- Must have teamspeak 3 downloaded, as well as being active on the clans teamspeak
- Must be 15+ any younger please contact a founder, (there are a few youngsters in our community)
- Must be active on the clan forums and check up everyday

Supported Games / Divisions:
- Dota 2 (Primary, Main Game)
- League Of Legends
- ArmA: DayZ
- Team Fortress 2
- Counter-Strike: Source
- Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

If you are interested please pop over on our temporary free forums at, or you can feel free to add me and we'll discuss any further details and information, or answer any un mentioned questions you may have. my steam page is
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PostSubject: Re: Tactical Assault Unit - Multi-Gaming Community 

You're sponsoring to on dota2?
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Tactical Assault Unit - Multi-Gaming Community

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