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PostSubject: Uncut Gaming is now recruiting! 

Uncut Gaming is now recruiting!

We are a gaming community recruiting all types of gamers - from casual, all the way to hardcore levels, single players to full teams, from people having fun to also at an experienced level.

Uncut Gaming was established on July 13th 2012 by friends from different games, friends with immense background knowledge with countless hours of gaming and organizing, from various types of games and genres.

Our aim is to expand our horizons beyond our currently supported games - League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and keep working to provide a "home away from home" for every one of our gaming buddies. Our uniqueness is that we know we can provide you that comfort, caring and understanding that you expect to find in a community run by friends and this is what makes us different from other communities. We want you to both enjoy gaming as casual gamer and also as competitive gamer.

We have our very own streaming, casting, media and public relations teams, which are responsable for Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, TwichTv, Own3D. We have a webpage, forum with graphic designers and our website staff to make sure that everything technical is running smoothly. We also have our very own experienced coaches in each of our individual supported games to guide you and assist you and perfect your skills.

So whether you're just looking for some buddies to hang out with on our TS3 server or are looking for a mature and constantly evolving enviroment to hone your gaming skills, or even a very experienced player wanting to share your knowledge and skills in helping to make better players,

feel free to hit us up at info@clanug.com

Or talk to one of the people mentioned here: Click me!

Or just visit our web http://www.uncutgaming.com

Do not forget , you are never alone , we are always there to help you, guide you, and be there with you as a friend where ever your gaming experience takes you.

Your Uncut Gaming Team
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Uncut Gaming is now recruiting!

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