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PostSubject: Mid+/++ player looking for a team! 

Hi and wellcome to this post.Iam 14 year old player looking for a serious and ambitious DOTA 2 team.All I want is a team who trains,play on pubs and some tournaments in a while,and doesn't rage when loosing.

I am playing solo mid.I have about a year in DOTA 2 experience,and think my skill is atleast mid/mid+.
I also want a team who uses voice comunication (either TS3 or in-game),Uses teamwork and comunicates a lot.

Don't add me if you are younger then 14/15,but I think age doesn't really matter.I am from Croatia,can speak english very well and German by a tiny bit.

Add me on steam: crocoldkilla

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Mid+/++ player looking for a team!

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