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PostSubject: DotA 2 Tutorial - Auto Neutral Creeps Stacking [Pa 

Second voice-video! Very Happy
The Tutorials will be devided in parts (1,2,3..) and in seasons...
I will try to upload the tutorials every week and will try to make my voice sound more professional as possible.
If you need any help with DotA 2, just comment bellow and I will try to make a tutorial...

And for the least: "Don't forget to rate the video ( like/dislike ) , give me your feedback ( comment ) to share it ( if you liked it ) and if you like our work, than subscribe!
Thanks for watching!
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Music used: Noisestorm - Ignite (Dubstep)

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If you like their music, but it!

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DotA 2 Tutorial - Auto Neutral Creeps Stacking [Pa

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