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PostSubject: SiRpLaYbOy - live stream 1080p + Dota2 Giveaway! 

I am a streamer from the Vertex Gaming Crue and wish to invite you to my channel! I mainly stream during the evening Mon-Fri 9pm-11pm / Sat-Sun (anytime) timezone CST. The games I am currently streaming are Dota2, GW2, WoW.

I have purchased an extra copy of Dota2 and would like to offer it up as a giveaway. I would like to hit 50 followers first before I begin the process, so come by my channel and follow me. Also donations are welcome but not required, but would help in the long run for better giveaways!

Channeleer's visit me @
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SiRpLaYbOy - live stream 1080p + Dota2 Giveaway!

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